What is Authentic Designer Clothes shipping policy?

Authentic Designer Clothes is happy to help you discover new items for purchase, but we do not ship any product. We simply direct you to the retailer who has the item available for purchase. All transactions happen on other retailer websites, and not Authentic Designer Clothes.
Shipping and handling prices vary given that our retail partners are spread out all across the globe and ship to multiple countries. If you have questions about shipping and delivery policies, it’s best to contact the retailer you want to purchase from directly.

How do I track my order?

Please get in touch with the retailer that is in charge of shipping your item if you wish to find out the status of your order.
The only source of information regarding shipping status, tracking information, and anticipated delivery date will be the store since transactions are made on our partner websites and not on Authentic Designer Clothes.

How do I cancel my order?

Please get in touch with the retailer directly if you need to cancel an order. Since orders are processed via our partners’ websites, Authentic Designer Clothes is unable to cancel your order on your behalf.
Remember that occasionally, stores are unable to cancel an order. When you get in touch with the store to cancel a purchase, make sure to have your order number and the information on the products ready.


After placing an order, can I change my delivery preferences?

In order to assist you in finding products, Authentic Designer Clothes is dedicated to pointing you toward partner websites where you can make purchases. All shipping operations are in the retailer’s hands because transactions take place on the partner website.
If you need to change your shipping details, please get in touch with the shop you bought from directly. Remember that sometimes it won’t be able to make modifications. The retailer’s customer service contact information can be found on your confirmation email or by going to the customer service or support section of their website.

If I don’t get my order, who do I contact?

Contact the shop if your order doesn’t arrive on schedule. Retailers are in charge of delivery, tracking, returns, and exchanges. Keep in mind that depending on the retail partner, response times can vary.
Need Assistance?

Contact us at info@authenticdesignerclothes.com for questions related to shipping.