When we look at what these designers cooked up and did with these Jeans while keeping the price tag under $200! Magnificent! Seriously great offerings by J Brand Jeans and Rag & Bone. Let’s have a quick look at our top 3 that dont break the two hundred mark.

Alana High Rise Crop Jeans, Demented Black

Alana High Rise

J Brand kills those distressed areas on this jean!

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Plush Twill Leggings

Leggings? Jeans? Comfort!

Rag & Bone really outdid themselves and you won't regret with these ones!

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Alana High-Rise Crop in Daring

High Rise Alert!

A Daring style if you ask us from J Brand! Seriously great fitting qualities.

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We really hope you like our selection for under $200. These jeans will be a staple of denim in your closet for years to come!

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